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Kids fall sick. All the time. It’s one of the most distressing facts of parenthood. They are germ and viral infection magnets and that’s why all households with little kids are bound to have a mini-pharmacy stocked with goodies like cough syrups, fever medication, anti-allergy syrups and of course liquids to calm a troubled digestive system. After all, there are a varied set of problems attached to the last problem alone, whether it’s vomiting, loosies, gas or constipation.

Kids also fall. And get hurt. And acquire prize scratches, and bumps and bruises. Yes, they are quite boo-boo prone that way.

And that’s why, it’s so important to have a proper first-aid kit all stocked and ready in times of emergency. Because when they get hurt, you don’t want to waste any time or lose your head in looking for things.

These are the must-haves that you require:

And here’s an added

touch…keep a couple of toffees in your kit as well. Guaranteed to stop the flow of tears. Works better when given in combination with a mommy-kiss!

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  1. gerovital says:

    when u have children u need to have all these in the house
    if you have troubles u need have all this