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Set off to a great spurt…er… start!

After the baby arrives, the most oft asked question is ‘how’s the milk coming?’ Firstly, it takes roughly 2 days to come in and secondly most of us city girls did not grow up surrounded by maternal forces where breast feeding and infant nurturing are second nature. We have probably never seen how it is done. It is not as easy as is made out to be. So take a chill pill and relax. Information overload in from one ear – out the other.

Much to my own surprise, I tried some traditional remedies that aid lactation:
1. Satavri X powder. A typical Maharashtrian preparation to be had with warm milk – delicious and very effective.
2. Dink Halim ladoos. Laden with honey, dry fruits, ghee and some sort of edible

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3. Methi ladoos. I have sworn

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Satavri X powder is available at most Nursing homes and costs approximately Rs. 150/- (Sandhya Nursing Home Chembur certainly has it).
Dink Halim ladoos available at Sweet meat stores (Jhama) for approximately Rs. 400/- a kilo
Meethi ladoos – find a Maharashtrian friend and ask her mother to make some.

One Response to “Breastfeeding:Traditional Remedies for Lactation”

  1. Nisha says:

    I’ve heard that eating a lot of garlic helps too – makes the milk taste sweeter, hence baby drinks more which increases the flow. Garlic and methi – hmm – ensures no one’s coming near you for a while!