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Building brains while bathing

Bath Books

Our baby cannot skip to the loo without a book ever. Loo and bath time require reading rituals. In fact if we seem less inclined to read to him on the couch, he sometimes makes up excuses to head to the restroom, knowing fully well that an adult will accompany him there and he will say ‘which book you want to read?’ A true-blue two year old learning the techniques of problem solving!

There are brands like Parragon, Disney, Baby Einstein and Fisher Price who makeBath Booksfabulous books meant just for bath time. These tiny square, colourful plastic books sometimes even have squeezies that squeak, as in the Parragon range. Themes range from Finding Nemo by Disney and Water by Baby Einstein to Look What I see All Around by Fisher Price.

The ones that have generated the greatest interest and have helped build our baby’s vocabulary are the Fisher Price Bubble Book series. All these seem to come with a ‘made in China’ tag but the colours have never smudged or come off and I would say start with these once your tot is out of the ‘taste everything in sight’ stage.

So in addition to the floating ducks the plastic foam books that just need to be wiped dry are great bath / loo pals.

Bath time books. Available at all leading bookstores. Price ranges from Rs. 50/- to Rs. 150/-

2 Responses to “Books in the Bath”

  1. Devika says:

    Which bookstore near khar??

  2. priya says:

    The crosswords at turner road had them the last time checked. Priya