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Toddler Party FoodBirthday parties for babies can be daunting. Options are plenty based on budgets and how much energy and effort you

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Most invitees to a toddlers birthday will be in the range of ages 4 months to 3 / 4 years for sure. So here are a few tips and observations to keep in mind when planning a party for the young, uncoordinated, limited attention span tots.

• Games need to be quick with minimum complexity.
• Cake cutting should ideally be a quick sing song and cut. Avoid the long drawn out photo shoot with the family and cake – it gets too tedious for the ‘eager to lick off the icing’ tiny invitees.
• No activity should involve staples. Especially on the return gift bags.
• Beverage cups should be of a sturdy quality to encourage toddlers to drink from cups unassisted without the cup caving in from the tight grasp of the little hand.
• Keep aside some of the décor and balloons for the toddlers to play with from the beginning not just to be had when the party is over.
• With games and also with drinks eliminate providing too many options / choices. Just one type of juice or one type of soda makes life easy for all.
• Keep a lot of water accessible– boiled, filtered or mineral.
• Plan for a huge mess.
• Have fun finger foods – sandwiches, cake, cheese and mashed corn balls, chips and dip, French fries, Pickwick wafers, mini pizzas……

Have fun.

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