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Little Hideaway

Kids need their little hideaways, and I used to grin and bear it when they’d drag freshly washed bed sheets and throw silk (yes SILK!) cushions around to make their “caves” and “houses”. So it was with open arms and great joy that I welcomed the Thomas the Tank Engine Play Tent into our home.

A friend generously gifted this to our boys and they just love, love, love it. So does our entire neighbourhood. Sometimes I could swear there are 10 kids piled up in there. It’s their restaurant, house, cave and sometimes, just a plain old train. It is super lightweight, takes 3 seconds to pop-out and folds back flat so you can just stow it away behind a shelf or under the bed. Easy peasy.

The pop-up play tents come in a few different shapes and sizes, but I think the Thomas one is the most fun. While 10 is pushing it, the tent will generously accommodate 2 or even 3 – if they’re not pretending to be fierce dinosaurs who must drag mummy in for their dinner, that is.

Don’t ask. Long story.

Available at most department stores like Lifestyle etc., or the bigger toy stores. Rs.1200 – 1500. Also available online at www.20north.com, Rs.1840, shipping charges applicable.

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