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A power packed pill One of the many benefits of working as a flight attendant with an American company was easy access to the General Nutrition Company stores across the United Sates. I found a prenatal tablet packed with all the goodness of calcium, iron, folic acid, vitamin D, antioxidants and more. My gynac checked [...]

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Natural body packs for sensitive skin Someone told me eating pork while pregnant would make my baby hairy, I swear they did. I did satiate a few bacon cravings though, so when my daughter was born covered in a fair amount of fine fuzz, I blamed the bacon right away. The doctor was kind enough [...]

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smoking essay p> Jump for joy when your two year old reads – ‘A tiger sleeps in the jungle’ all by himself with this pre reader book. On a recent trip to Crosswords we discovered a really super book by Nora Gaydos. The suggested age group says 3-6 but our 2 year old loves it [...]

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A Pillow that adds comfort to ‘feeding’ time I personally thank ‘globalization’ for very small things, small to the general populace but huge to new moms like me. I thank it for Avent bottles, low cost diapers, organic products and ‘feeding cushions’. I am serious, no one thought of them before an obscure store in [...]

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penis growth guide p>Knock Knock !  Who’s There?  Doctor!  Doctor Who?  It’s Dr. Seuss! Everyone who has shopped for children’s books has heard of Theodor (Ted) Seuss Geisel or more simply, Dr.Seuss. His most amazing quality is to be able to imagine like a child and express that in the form of wonderful stories and rhyme. [...]

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Activities to do when it’s raining My friends in Mumbai are whining about the rains while we in Delhi are complaining about the lack of them. Yet, we have been getting a random day of rain here and there and when it’s erratic like this, it’s best to keep the kids indoors. Rats, more indoors [...]

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Ashtang Yoga for expectant mothers. If you are pregnant and lamenting the end of the gym sessions and, like I did, keep asking your gynac when you can start exercising again, then think about signing up for a prenatal yoga class. Needless to say, your doctor has to provide the green signal for this activity [...]

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Learning stencils for kids I like the idea of birthday and baby shower registries. Some say it’s too impersonal, I say it’s practical. How personal are gifts these days anyway, everything is off the shelf. I have a cupboard full of make-a-necklace sets and DIY wall stickers that my daughter is not going to bother [...]

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Please, Please, Just One More Story Sometimes reading that same book for the hundred-and-oneth time makes me want to just go bang my head against a wall. But instead I decided to be smart and signed up for One more Story. It’s an online library devoted exclusively to children’s books – and really high quality [...]

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how to grow penis size p>Shake your body now! I wanted songs I was familiar with, but presented in an original fun way. I wanted some real instruments in the background – you know – acoustic guitar, some tambourines, a banjo or two, rather than just an electronic keyboard. I wanted traditional songs in a [...]

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