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The Virtue of Patience

Has anyone really thought about how hard it is to make a three year old sit, even for 5 minutes? Unless you bribe them with candy or something, I doubt it’s easy, at least with most of the munchkins out there. This for me has now become the most important thing on my baby-chores agenda, teach Ally the importance of patience and get her to sit and concentrate. She is a naturally hyper child, so within seconds of being told to be quiet for two minutes, we start getting the usual “is it 2 minutes yet?” And there I am clenching my fists and telling her the zillionth time that it’s been just 6

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seconds! Thus, this endeavour continues.

I am perpetually scouting for ideas for this little girl, so when she actually asked me for game she liked at a friend’s house, I was a happy mama. It turned out to be a Dora board game. I had been

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wondering about toddlers/pre-schoolers and board games. Are there any even out there? She is definitely too young for the usual Ludo, snakes and ladder and though I would love for there to a baby version of ‘Pictionary’ but I guess there isn’t. So this I had to explore. Off I went to Reliance TimeOut, the local toy and book store. Bang in the centre of obscenely intricate dressing tables and kitchen sets sat a neat row of kiddie board games. The one she wanted was for ages 3+ which suited me just fine. The icing on the cake was that it was a game associated with numbers and counting. What a bonanza? I had gotten here to verbally learn 1-10 but she was not identifying written numbers yet.

The ‘123 Game’ has 4 boards with assorted objects associated with Dora, each categorized into her things, fruits, objects etc. There is a bag to hold a few dozen tokens with the same objects in the same numbers. Each participant takes turns to dip into the bag, pick a token and match it with the objects and the numbers that they appear in. Easy enough! I played the first round with

her and it was such a delight to hear her squeal every time she got a matching token and I didn’t. As luck would have it, she won the first round. As I sat there and pretend sulked, she snuck up to me and said, “mummy, actually we both won” and shared her winning candy bar with me.

The ‘Dora 123 Game’ is a product of Funskool Toys and is available at leading toy stores across the country for Rs. 249. Look out for discounts (as of 01/07/2009) at Reliance TimeOut store in Ambience Mall, NH 8, Gurgaon.

2 Responses to “Board Games for Toddlers and Pre-schoolers”

  1. Priya says:

    Sounds good. Am going to get this one for sure. Have also picked the toothpaste you mentioned in an earlier post. Really this site is a great idea.

  2. Priya says:

    Just got this game last evening and it is delightful. Our 2 year old certainly enjoyed it and there’s so much underlying learning happening too! Thanx again Parul.