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Please, Please, Just One More Story

Sometimes reading that same book for the hundred-and-oneth time makes me want to just go bang my head against a wall. But instead I decided to be smart and signed up for One more Story. It’s an online library devoted exclusively to children’s books – and really high quality ones at that. Think award-winning, classic and contemporary children’s literature. Once you drag their desktop icon to your browser, kids can easily click on it and navigate to the “bookshelves”. Once there, they can select and then hear and see the book. As the narrator reads, the words are individually high-lighted. Children who are learning to read can mute the sound and read it themselves, just clicking on the words that they need help with. And the best part? They can just do this over and over and over again, without you having to go damage a wall.

I wouldn’t look at this as a replacement for our bedtime reading routine, but just another way of getting stories read to them when you really need a break. I signed up for a 3 month summer reading special(Offer ends Sep 7th) and the kids really seem to enjoy it. My son actually asked if he could listen to a book on the computer instead of playing computer games! Now isn’t that just what every mum wants to hear?

Due to the popularity of the Summer Reading special, the offer of a 3 month subscription for $15 has been extened until September 7th. Indian credit cards accepted. A one-year subscription to One More Story is $44.00.

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