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A Pillow that adds comfort to ‘feeding’ time

I personally thank ‘globalization’ for very small things, small to the general populace but huge real canadian superstore pharmacy st thomas to new moms like me. I thank it for Avent bottles, low cost diapers, organic products and ‘feeding cushions’. I am serious, no one thought of them before an obscure store in Greater Kailash market started importing them from Singapore. I didn’t even know they existed till I saw them there. It’s such a shame that lead doused toys reach us before basic practical comforts. The product I am talking about is a sweet invention called a ‘feeding pillow’. It is a horseshoe shaped cushion that goes around a mom’s levitra dosage compared to viagra middle and is wide enough to hold an infant while he/she feeds. The comfort lies in cialis professional canada the fact that the cushion takes the weight of the baby and not your arm/s. Believe me once the baby is older and feeds longer the true value of this wonderful contraption is fully understood. We have all tried to fashion home pillows and cushions into makeshift baby supports but the unique horseshoe shape of this cushion makes all the difference.

It can also be used to prop up a baby that is learning to sit up. The curved part of linette beaumont viagra the cushion bears all the weight instead of the spine and baby gets a new perspective of his/her surroundings. Propping babies is a good way to encourage sitting up. A lot of local baby stores are now retailing Indian made versions of feeding pillows but if you are almost there and need one now, check out this page on Ebay.in or here’s another one for a better price Timesmultimedia.com. Add this to your ‘baby essentials’ list, believe me you are going to need it and love it.

‘Feeding pillows’ are available at all Lifestyle, Mothercare, Adams Kids and Shoppers Stop stores across the country. The prices range from Rs. 999-1,999. Check the links above for online purchase.

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