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Claytopia Now which kid (or grown up? Admit it!) wouldn’t love to get their hands dirty with clay or paint and enjoy finger licking yummy food while at it? Come on down then to Claytopia – a concept restaurant where you can satisfy your stomach and soul. The soul food is painting on bisque ware [...]

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how to make a solar panel p>Baby’s Nest I was talking about the phases of pregnancy the other day when I realised that I didn’t really concentrate much on the ‘nesting’ phase. It was only in the last month that my husband and I really got down to doing the baby’s nursery. We already had [...]

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I love Lamaze! I didn’t get to love it when I actually needed to because there were no Lamaze centres when I was pregnant four years back. But now they seem to be everywhere. Good, I have options for the lucky second child, the one you don’t make the same mistakes with. I got an [...]

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Your monkey belongs in a zoo? Try Yoga Zoo My baby accompanied me to yoga class for five months while he was a floating foetus and once he was free of his water world, his privilege of being allowed into Dr. Mohan’s Ashtang yoga class was revoked. I know he benefited from those prenatal breathing, [...]

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Managing my pre-schooler without the school bit is proving to be quite harrowing. That’s what summer vacations are, heaven for kids and not as pleasant for the parents. It’s unimaginable for me to send her for camps and classes in this weather, she is only 3, yet she is active and smart enough to want [...]

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