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Your monkey belongs in a zoo? Try Yoga Zoo

My baby accompanied me to yoga class for five months while he was a floating foetus and once he was free of his water world, his privilege of being allowed into Dr. Mohan’s Ashtang yoga class was revoked. I know he benefited from those prenatal breathing, stretching and meditating sessions. Am almost sure he recognised the yoga instructor’s voice in the delivery room – the anaesthetist and yoga guru being the same person.

So a mama-toddler yoga orientation class was too good to pass up. Jasmeet Kaur and Mini Singh of Yogazoo, conduct classes once a week for kids aged 2 to 14.

The instructors wear trendy looking kurta, pyjamas and have a natural flair with kids.

After the Yogazoo prayer, the rhymes and songs are turned on while the instructor directs mama and baby into fun poses with names like Lazy Rabbit, Dancing Duo and Peanut-Butter-Jelly. Each pose involves stretching and breathing techniques used in traditional yoga but taught here in a play way with a lot of physical interaction, hugs and laughs. My two year old was a little too young for this class but we had fun anyway and it gave me ideas on how I could teach him a few asanas at home.

The premise of Yogazoo is to assist youngsters in spending happy time with themselves, help in concentration and counter stress. In today’s world where children have a constant need for activity and sensory bombardment, Yogazoo provides a unique alternative.

Call Jasmeet Kaur / Ravinder Singh to get latest class timings and venues. 9820224235 / 9819919267, Dwadesh, 17th Road, Opp. Rotary Park, Santacruz (W), Mumbai – 54.
Email: Visit:

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6 Responses to “Play-way yoga for mamas and babies.”

  1. banat says:

    A very new concept..
    well done..!!

  2. bhakti joshi says:

    plz conduct these kind of classes in malad around suburbs too

  3. gopika says:

    you mention that your 2 year old was a bit young. so what would be the appropriate age to join?
    also are all classes for mum n kids or only the orientation class?


  4. priya says:

    Hi Gopika,

    I think the right age would be 3.5 years. The class was all about interactive poses and given a two year olds limited ability to communicate or comprehend, all the poses were not possible for us to complete and keep up with the class.
    Also a 2 year old is not familiar with group activities per say and may get distracted with things lying around so in a time bound class that could be a problem. Having said that if a parent believes his or her under 3 year old child is capable of understanding and following instructions in a group class, there would be no harm trying it out (as long as the parent just keeps it fun and relaxed and goes with the flow in terms of how much the child is able to follow and enjoy without the parent getting flustered that ‘we’ can’t keep up). My son and I had great fun. I wish Yoga Zoo had a class closer to our home.
    Have asked the YogaZoo team to answer your other quesry.
    All the best.

  5. yoga zoo says:

    Dear Gopika,
    We have mother and toddler classes that include the orientation and one or two events through the year. Do give us a call or check out the website for further details.

  6. gopika says:

    thanks both! i think i will wait as my son is not even 2 and priya you are right about the communication and comprehension. he would definitely be more interested in everything else but the poses! though i must say it does sound fun if it is a mother toddler class!