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Do-It-Yourself kids activities for home

I don’t think I will ever stop ranting about the whole summer + kids + no school combo that’s been driving me mildly insane. I am also slowly getting used to having a variety of messes to clean


I have already done the in-house sandbox (oh my God!), the endless spots of playdough that our slippers pick up and take everywhere, the paint blotches, the spilt glue and who can forget dripping whisks of cake batter. So when Ally got a gift that involved Plaster of Paris(POP), I was sure the evil craft gods were rolling on the floor and laughing at me. What followed, though, was a wonderful surprise, mainly because I loved the activity as much as her.

The ‘Mould & Paint’ kit comes with pouches of POP, moulds (we got dolphins), pins, magnets and paints with a brush. The finished product can be made into a brooch or

fridge magnet. We made the POP mix, filled our moulds and left them to set. Once they were smooth and done, we got our arsenal of paints and we were on a roll. Ally produced a polka dot dolphin and one with an explosion of million colours. The daddy and I each got one for our desks, one went to school for ‘maam’ and the last one lives proudly on Ally’s fridge.

‘Mould & Paint’ sets are available at stationary shops, book stores, shops retailing toys and return gifts. Since it is an imported product, the price can vary from Rs.150-200.

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