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Keeping the babes busy.

Lets face it. The sad truth is babies in the 6 – 12 month development stage are really not that into toys. My 8 month old would go something like this – Oooh colourful thingy – must put in mouth – Mmm, tasty – drool, drool, drool – throw – Ok, that was fun – what’s


So once you’ve been through the rattles and things that go squeak and all the funny faces, which last for, oh, about 20 seconds, what is a poor mom to do??

Funskool’s Busy Poppin’ Pals is one way to go. The buttons operate

in different way to keep little hands occupied (while developing fine motor skills, no less) and the animals popping up when they get it right is always good for a laugh. I managed to get enough mileage out of this one until my kids were about two by asking them to guess the animals and colours for

each button. Trust me, this was one of their favourites.

So plop baby on floor, stick a Poppin’ Pal under their nose and sit back and sip your coffee. This one’s too heavy for them to throw at your head when they’re done. Always a plus.

Available at all major department stores that stock Funskool through the city. Or buy it online at for Rs.825.

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