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Mom’s little hideout

Sometimes we need to hide from our kids. Its summer holidays, they’ve been underfoot whining, fighting and yelling and you just need some space to get your sanity back.  The bathroom’s usually my secret hidey-hole and good for about 10 minutes, before they come banging at the door. But if you need a wee bit more R&R than that, soothe your sensitive soul by booking a body massage at Atmasparsh on Cunningham Crescent.

Atmasparsh is located on the top floor of a children’s preschool, and while that might seem to defeat the purpose of “getting away from the terrible tykes”, you’re well insulated from all the noise and chaos below. Listen to wind chimes, feel the cool breeze wafting over you, let your thoughts drift and become a boneless blob under Renuka’s magic hands. De-blob yourself after an hour and head one floor below into the Secret Garden. Very aptly named, this tiny cafe transports you to the Mediterranean and serves up the freshest basil pesto in town. Follow that up with a beautiful, chocolate-y desert and you’ll be human again. And armed to walk back into the battlefields brimming with calm and spreading some of your new-found serenity all around.

There’s just one problem. One perfect afternoon at Atmasparsh and Secret Garden, and the bathroom’s just not going to cut it anymore.

Body massage with steam – Rs.700. Other personal care treatments available.
Atmasparsh, 12, Cunningham Crescent Road, Tel: 080 41473085/22204964. Open all days from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm

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