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Mummyknowsbest is sponsoring this contest with the non-profit website (read review) to bring you some of our favourite books Guess How Much I Love You, by Sam Mc Bratney, illustrated by Anita Jeram. A lovely, gentle picture book for young children, about the stuff in life that just can’t be quantified. A Kiss for [...]

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What Goes Around… I remember growing up surrounded by a world of imagination, where carpets flew, children walked into fantasies through an old wardrobe, where the story of a girl as old as myself in Nazi Germany absorbed my full attention. Most moms I speak to today are concerned that their kids haven’t developed a [...]

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Pleasure in simplicity Isn’t it amazing how kids gravitate towards certain toys, books or concepts more than others? And invariably this has nothing to do with how much the product costs or how well it has been marketed. Just a few days ago, we presented our tot with what we considered an age appropriate ‘must [...]

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Happy Birthday Chacha! Whether Children’s Day has become commercialised or not, you still wonder what you can do with or for your child on the 14th of November to make the day exciting and different. Ideas we are toying with are a visit to an amusement park, to the beach, trip to the zoo or [...]

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Counting from one to ten will never be difficult again. Maths and I have traditionally been at loggerheads. Any wonder then that we have been storming heaven walmart cialis price pleading that the child has been endowed with his father’s ‘numbers’ gene! Our baby’s first introduction to the world of TV viewing at 8 months [...]

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Will the weather at Matheran be nice at this time of the year? Which is the best place to stay with an infant? ~Poornima Hi Poornima Matheran is beautiful at this time of the year – in fact rather cold at night. So carry warm wear for all. With regard to hotels, if you are [...]

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A Beginners guide for first time Moms and Dads I remember as a first-time mom a lot of experiences with my newborn were a tad overwhelming. Coming home from the hospital and feeling frantic when he cried endlessly for apparently no reason, worrying that he hadn’t pooped all day, seemed to be sleeping too much, [...]

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