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Radhika and Zeenat from Big Red Bus, Mumbai, are available to answer any questions you may have about designing the perfect room for your kids. Send in your queries to

Dear Radhika & Zeenat,

I have a three year old son and we are moving to a larger space where he will have his own room. I don’t want to create anything too heavy right now in terms of a theme etc. as i’d like him to grow into the space and keep adding elements based on his requirements. Right now I believe he requires maximum play and toy space so would appreciate any tips on how I could go about highlighting the room to make it exciting. We are looking to spend around Rs. 2,500/- to 3,500/-. Our baby loves Bob the Builder, Dora, Tractors, trucks and cars, insects and animals.
I look forward to your tips.

Dear Rashmi,

As you have not mentioned anything about your furniture I am assuming it’s already in place……. Now to make the room more child-like I’ll advise you to do the following.
1. Your old curtains can be of great use, just stitch on pockets. (Like they are on the back of pants.) The pockets can be used to stuff in old bean animals, stuffed toys.
2. Simply put pompoms (made @ home) at the bottom end of your curtains or valances.
3. To decorate the furniture simply paint on the theme (use stencils if possible to have uniformly in design) or decal stickers or cut-outs from old books.
4. Make a portion of your wall free for your child’s art work by simply putting on a corkboard sheet which can be decorated / painted with the same theme.
5. Frame your child’s artwork and use it.
6. Paint on a wall (your child’s measuring height) a yard stick and use it to put picture of those special moments.
Hope the above tips come to use.

Radhika Mukherjee and Zeenat Jaffer

Big Red Bus

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