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…Me Some Words

Being a Scrabble-junkie myself, I was thrilled when my elder son was gifted a Junior Scrabble for his birthday. Perfect for the 5-10 age group, this board game from Mattel requires two to four players.

The tag line on the box says “Two fun word games in one” and that’s exactly what it is.

Level 1 is the ‘Words and Pictures’ stage, which is a perfect introduction for the younger age group. There are pictures on the board and they start by connecting the letters on the board with the help of the pictures. Upon completion of the word, the player wins a counter.

Level 2 is for the older kids (but obviously!) and here they get to make the words all by themselves, without any pictorial guidance (parental guidance is another matter altogether). They make words while trying to cover a coloured square and each time they succeed, they pick up a matching coloured counter that has points ascribed upon it.

A great game to test their vocabulary and spelling skills, it provides lots

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of entertainment and makes for a great gift. Its never too early to start building up the next

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generation of scrabble addicts.

Priced at Rs. 449/- and easily available in any toy store, this one’s a keeper!

One Response to “Scrabble…”

  1. Mayuri Chatterjee says:

    I totally agree with you. My 5 year old received it as a birthday gift and now he is totally hooked on to it.