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That’s what little boys are made of.

Lego DuploYou have had some version of Lego when you were growing up, right? Now that the next generation has arrived, am left wondering

where my old sets are. Considering we (read Mum) kept them so well sorted and boxed and clean, they could actually have been in perfect condition

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for our baby.

Lego is one of the few toys you can actually pass on down the years and more so when you see the price tags attached to them. Until we do find the old boxes, we have picked up a superb set of Lego Duplo for our young builder.

Model 6178 for 2-5 years, has 79 pieces that include windows, picket fences, flowers and assorted blocks. Duplo bricks are eight times the size in volume and twice the width, height and length of the traditional bricks. They are great for young kids and the best part is that they are compatible with the regular size.

The popular sets are zoo, police station, airplane, train and farm. This activity is fun for us all and can keep our under 3 year old busy for 45 minutes! Duplo is excellent to encourage kids with challenges to exploit new opportunities and create exciting options. So what if the tower is top heavy and the fence misplaced, its still an architectural marvel!

Lego Duplo is available at all leading toy stores and malls. A 79 piece set is priced at Rs. 2,500/-odd.

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