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My kids being voracious readers, I’m always on the hunt for new
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books at the library or bookstores. Sometimes, I wish someone would take the pain out of selecting wholesome, age appropriate, fun yet educational books and just hand me the darn things already.

Enter i-CUE. These lovely people take on the onerous task of selecting the “right” books and putting together an age appropriate book kit that is delivered right to your doorstep. And yet, they promise to be more than just a “library @ your doorstep”; they prefer to be called a “library that inspires your child to read”. And they go about doing just that in the way they put a book kit together. You can order book kits by themes such as insects, trees etc. in which case, you’ll get a set of carefully selected 4 books + 1 multimedia title or 5 fiction as well as non-fiction books pertaining to that theme and some suggested activities for that theme. If you prefer a mixed bag, the Assorted option gives you just that with a set of 5 books + 1 multimedia title or 6 books of various genres to pique your child’s interest.

And the part that appeals to me the most? No late fees and trying to remember due dates! Select a cycle (1 book kit a month/1 every 15 days/1 every 10 days) and your old book kits are replaced by new ones like clockwork – just like that. Its so easy, I could cry. With joy, of course!

Subscribe online at i-CUE. Subscriptions rates of book kits from Rs.200/month onwards.

WIN IT! i-CUE is happy to sponsor T-Shirts with your child’s favourite literary character or book printed on them – Noddy, Asterix, Tintin, Harry Potter…the list’s endless! Check out the Contests and Giveaways section for details on how to enter. Contest open until midnight, Dec 30th.

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