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Santa’s going green

Christmas has not been so exciting for a long time. That’s because for the first time we are experiencing little joys through the eyes of a 3 year old. The tree is actually out and trimmed, the carols are playing, the Christmas stories are being read and I can’t ever remember going to so many kiddy Christmas parties!

Our babies are so suggestible and any concepts we decide to establish with them can eventually convert into lifestyle changes with a little extra effort. One area that needs urgent attention is climate change and we all need to try and go green. Let’s start with Christmas. Here are a few easy suggestions:

The tree: Buy a potted Christmas tree with roots attached which you can plant in your garden later. You will be offsetting CO2 emissions. If you have an artificial tree, reuse it.
Gifts: Try handmade gifts. You could laminate your child’s art work and turn them into coasters, fridge magnets or photo frames. Think of a craft that you enjoyed and get your kids to help you at it. Make a terrarium, bake a cake or cookies.  Share an experience – gift a massage, tickets to a concert or a spa day out.
Décor and lights: Make your décor at home (painted pinecones, eggshells, paper chains, old cds..) or buy handmade elements. Choose LED lighting instead of incandescent bulbs. Turn off the lights before you turn in and when you are out. Use biodegradable candles made of soy, vegetable wax or beeswax.
Gift wrap: Reuse wrapping paper or use brown paper bags and dress them up with bows or a dash of curling ribbon.
Cards: Send e-cards, make your own with a family photograph, use old cards, scrap paper, fabric or wall paper for gift tags.

Basically, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and our fourth R – Rejoice! Happy Christmas!

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