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Dear Radhika and Zeenat,

I have a daughter of 10 and half years, and we are moving to a larger space where she will have her own room. The room is of 15×10 dimension and I am just curious to know what I can do to keep her things in place and also keep the space clutter free so that she can have slumber parties with her friends and cousins. I would love to keep some musical theme for her room as she is an artist.. she learns classical dance, music and synthesizer.


Dear Seeja
First let me congratulate you on the fact that you are taking a keen interest in providing for your angel an enviorment for her to grow and nuture in.

The best way to deal with her space would be to give her a four poster day bed with flowing drapes on it … trundel drawer should be used as a pull out bed for sleepovers. A colour scheme of white bed any pastel drapes on it will look fresh and summery.
Tip: Attach a magazine rack attached to the side of the bed and the head board could have her name carved on it .

Dedicate a section of her room for an art/study table that has enough space for paints and school books …
Tip: You could make a low toddler size table and put up a large shelf on the wall for her books. On another wall make a book like cover out of wood and put a mirror on the front (where she can see her moves ), and a chalk board and white board in the insides where she can write down her thoughts. To visualise this put a book on the wall and open it – you will understand the concept – front cover=mirror , inside pages=white board and chalk board.


Under any of the windows make a wooden seating area and under that keep pull out baskets for her games.


Put a corksheet on the shutters so she can put up her painting

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, certificates etc. Keep one shutter for her room linen.

Kids like to change the themes of their rooms as they grow, so use things that can be easily changed when she wants something else. Use musical instruments as knobs of the cupboards and drawers. Music themed linen and curtains will bring the pull the whole room together as well. Paper cutouts of musical instruments for walls are easily avaliable in the market.

Hope the above ideas help you in giving her the best and you and your daughter have fun setting up her new space!

Radhika and Zeenat

Big Red Bus

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