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Parenting Guides: Gifting Wings to Your Acorn

Parenthood is not easy. And if anybody says otherwise, they’re lying. Or drunk.

Pregnancy comes with a manual; so why not parenting? Wait! It does! Raksha Bharadia’s “Roots and Wings – A Handbook

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for Parents”, written for hapless parents like me.

The older generation seemed to manage just fine – and we all did turn out alright and have never splurged money on a shrink, but, I would still like something different for raising my boys. This generation of parents are inundated with gizmos, gadgets and gazillions of other technologically advanced mumbo-jumbo and have to flounder our way around the reams of advice coming at us from all directions, no wonder we’re stressed!

But thanks to Raksha’s book, we feel more clued in. It’s easy to read, has lots of relatable incidents from lives of people we know and admire, and is full of practical, easy-to-follow steps.

As the blurb says, “Roots and Wings – A Handbook for Parents addresses parenting conflicts and dilemmas; how to manage the thin line between freedom and structure, space and control, being a mentor and a friend, our expectations of the child verses his native endowments.” Sounds good? It is. I especially loved the chapters ‘Creativity’ and ‘The Confident Child’. At times the book seemed to go on a never-ending loop, but it does get the message across in a friendly tone, never once adopting a preachy attitude.

Do your child a favour and pick it up. At the very least, browse through it the next time you’re at a bookshop…you’ll be glad that you did.

Published by Rupa & Co., and available at leading bookstores for Rs. 295/-.

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