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I adored crafts as a kid so I was devastated when I got a cutesy butterfly report card for my pre-schooler that stated how wonderful my daughter is “But she is reluctant to participate in crafts”. Blaming the hiccup on TV, I decided to get her charged with something ‘new’, something ‘different’.

I searched online for craft ideas and found a treasure trove. Colouring pages, bookmarks and activities which could all be printed on my home office waste. Cheap and eco-friendly, whats not to love?!

Check out for a place to start. I bought an empty scrap book from the local stationer, we put together all of her drawings, colouring pages, valentines and mother’s day pin-ons, school crafts and stuck them sorted by month. We also put

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pictures of school activities and one with the teachers. We printed accents like stars, hearts, medals, certificates and coloured them by hand so everything was original. Another good place for ideas and links is Our favourite page was ‘The day our baby girl was born’. It was so fascinating to see my three old feel her sense of individuality. Try it out, the kids will get off TV for a while and there is a definite novelty (ok, cheap) factor in doing things from scratch.

Card paper scrapbook Rs.54, local stationary shop. Try to reuse office/throwaway paper, try refilling printer cartridges, the junk they add to the environment is phenomenal and the ink is not a friend of the soil!

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