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Comfy seats for tiny tushies

Our baby started off potty training at 3 months with a method that I did not pharmacycanada-rxedtop realise at the time was part of the training. I would lie on my back and seat him on my tummy with my thighs and knees as his backrest. This position would almost always bring about that cute scrunched up face how to take cialis with a concentrating expression, and naturally, a poo.

Then at around 8 months we tried to get him used to a stand alone potty and made a huge ruckus, hi-fiving, clapping and looking like monkeys when the deed was done in the right place. By 13 months this potty was no good as our rambler would jump off and away – messy behind and all.

So to the rescue buy generic viagra online was his grandmother who presented us with a plastic potty seat with handles that is to be placed over the regular seat and has comfortable cushioned padding and options of different images and colours. This one-size-fits-all seat is super to use on the http://cialisonline-storeedtop.com/ go as well, as it does not take up much space.

He is now almost trained … and as soon as his tiny

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tush is not so tiny anymore, he should move on to the regular seat.

Plastic, cushioned potty seat with handles. Marketed by different brands such as Getty but sourced from the same manufacture in China.
Available for Rs. 425/- at Design Touch, Hillroad, Bandra.

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