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Ram – In Comic-book delight

The legend of Prince Ram is a favourite with children. A brave, handsome prince goes off to the forest from where his beautiful wife is kidnapped by an evil demon king. How said prince goes to resue her and defeats the villainous king of Lanka aided by his worshipful brother and an army of monkeys is truly the stuff legends are made of! Heroic princes, abducted princess, gallant animals, wicked demons and an epic battle where good triumphs over evil…what’s not to love?

Chandamama’s Ramayana – The Epic Journey is a must-buy for kids. Based on Valmiki’s ancient text, it tells the epic story of the Princes Ram and Lakshman and Ram’s beloved wife Sita, in a glorious, first-time ever, comic format. The rich illustration and simple to read and understand text, bring the adventures and stories alive as well as make the whole epic visually appealing.

Rama’s heroics and exploits are

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beautifully and effortlessly told in a manner that children above the age of five will understand. The pictures serve to fire up their already fertile imagination and help to keep them engaged in the storyline.

The 432 page book is priced at Rs. 449/- and it is an absolute treat for the kids.

Available at most bookstores or order online at

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