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Pregnancy has a lot of perks ?glowing skin, luscious hair, the only time you can be fat and cute at the same time and of course a cuddly, delicious-smelling

baby to look forward to at the end of it all!

But as life would have it, every up has a down and pregnancy is no different. The list of aches and pains that plague your body are endless and worst of all, the hormonal changes play havoc with your digestive system making you as bloated

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and ?wind-filled? as a hot air balloon!

Heart burn and gas are my biggest pregnancy woes and I?ve woken up several times over the past few months with a tummy ache so bad I?ve been convinced that death is at my doorstep. And to make matters worse, that?s exactly when the mini Beckham in my stomach decides to give me an extra hard kick.

This is when my magic home remedy comes to the rescue. It?s the simplest mix of a couple of pieces of crushed ginger and a pinch of asafoetida added to a glass of hot water ? takes just a few minutes to make and the relief is tremendous.

So the next time you find yourself rolling in pain, give this remedy a try and let it work its magic.


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