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A Bird?.A Plane? or Superman!

You name it and these two ladies can make it! Birthday Cakes in any shape, size character and flavour. Shoba Rai has been baking ever since she can remember and what sets her apart from other, also very good bakers, is her creativity and her zest for trying new things.

She sources the best ingredients and is constantly on her toes to innovate and excel, which she does. So now, you don?t need to panic if there is a request for a Transformer, Lightning McQueen, Tinker Bell or as in my son?s case, for a Dinosaur cake! And we are not talking the regular garden-variety rice paper printed sheet on top of a cake – that?s easy peasy (for her, I mean). Her cakes are 3 dimensional, colourful and yummy to boot. She uses biscuits, candy, marzipan, butter icing, sugar icing and other wonderful delicacies to create that perfect work of art complete with textures and colours.

Entirely separate from Shoba Rai but on the same lines, Lisa, who runs ?Minelli?s? has just relocated from Dubai and brought her baking expertise to Bangalore (Lucky us!). Lisa too churns out the most amazing ?Cakes by Design? and uses sugar craft, fondant and butter cream icing?for decorating.

She also makes quiches, (her quiche is to die for!) bakes, pies, desserts and starters on occasion.

Of course they need not be only for birthdays, for your weddings, anniversaries, baby showers retirements,?..any occasion you can conjure up.

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contact these creative ladies for further details:

Shoba Rai :- 9845351353

Lisa Colaso-Govias, ?Minelli?s? :- 9740792412; 91 80 25307768

2 Responses to “Bangalore: Birthday Cakes”

  1. Lisa Colaso-Govias says:

    I have a page on facebook called Minelli's with pictures of kids and other birthday cakes that I have made… if you would like to view them…..

  2. Dee says:

    Thanks, Lisa! I’m looking for someone like you who can do a cake for my kid’s party – will reach out.