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The many pains of Mummyness

Oodles of unwanted and suspect advice is to be expected when expecting, but not bathe every day?! Give me a break! From maids to people at the ATM to distant relatives, everyone had something to say. When D-day finally arrived, my nursing home made sure I knew how to bathe, feed, dress and swaddle the baby and other basics like that.

But I really had to

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dig deep for a few home truths – the two best snippets I got just have to be shared.

With breastfeeding comes the joy of maternal bonding and … pain. By pain, I mean sore nipples. Big ouch! The best thing, I learnt, was to apply breast milk itself, as a soother. Before or after a feed, apply a few drops of breast milk and let it stay. Breast milk is high in fat content and makes good moisturizer, it’s all natural so you don’t have to worry about wiping the cream off before feeding and its always accessible, so relief is right at hand. Worked way better than all the lanolin creams out there.

This one’s gross but someone’s got to talk about it. I had gas, the baby had gas, it seemed like we all had gas. I didn’t touch cauliflower, spinach and legumes, yet it was always there. I tried carom seeds (ajwain) boiled in water, strained, cooled and consumed. It worked – took a few days for my system to get used to processing this slightly foul potion but hurray(!) the baby and I were no longer floating to the ceiling.

Two little things, but I remember the huge relief that I got from both, so am sharing! Do share you little tips and tricks with us in the comments or on our facebook page.

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