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I want my MTV

Once the kids were born, the quality of the music

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we listened to sadly suffered. We put away Floyd and Nirvana to make way for Barney, Wiggles and headache. Couldn?t kids understand slightly more sophisticated music, we wondered. Isn?t there somebody out there listening to our pain?

Apparently there was – a whole host of them. Its not MTV (thank goodness!) but there?s something way cooler for kids – Jitterbug. Aptly titled ?music for hip kids?, Jitterbug provides a platform for independent musicians making great music for kids. These are talented music bands who have their roots in rock, folk and blues bringing their expertise to kids – real musicians making real music with catchy lyrics and whats more, my kids love it!

Our favorites are Uncle Rock (my 5 year old learnt about melting icecaps and aurora borealis from this song), Barenaked Ladies (you?re on your own here for explaining the name to the kids), They Might Be Giants, Key Wilde and Mr.Clarke, among the many, many talented folks here. We listen

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to the music on the site, the kids seem to enjoy it better when they see it first, and its a great way to see which songs my kids keep coming back to before I go out and get the CD. In addition to music bands, there are also Sesame Street TV segments and a few songs from movies like Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – which I hope they?ll add to.

With Jitterbug, I feel I?m influencing my kids? musical tastes while I still can, and I?m sure my earbuds will thank me for it when they?re in their teens.

Access the website at Its free – all you need is a good internet connection!

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  1. priya says:

    Oh this is supercalifragilisticexpiealidocious!
    The expression on my sons face as he watched Julie Andrew hop around singing this was priceless. Thanx for this tip.