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Flights of fancy

Images like this diagram give me the jitters, but I am assured that this is the only technical data in the paper planes workshop. No more physics or science – unless you ask for it.

Bright, creative, sharp minded with unique takes on everything from culture to corporates and marketing; and a serious passion for paper planes, meet Mr. Rajendra Grewal. With over forty years of aero-modelling experience, he started teaching the 2000 year old craft of Aerogami in 2009.

My husband was super excited talking shop with this master craftsman about the range, specifications and types of paper planes. Paper planes made by folding and pasting are just the beginning, there are about 150 different types he can make and each one will fly – in a straight line and some to a distance of about 300 feet without catapult assistance!

It’s a little infuriating though, when Raj, M Sc physics tells us ‘I don’t teach mummies and aunties’. His classes are for eight years and above, only for those who are genuinely interested. I’d recommend this class as a father – son/daughter activity for those who love planes. This is no summer hobby class, get your gang together only if you are truly interested in planes.

But I will say this, there certainly is a joy and thrill in seeing a self-made paper plane gliding along beautifully.

Rajendra Grewal: +91 9869655838,,,   Required group size is 10 Aerogami: Level one to five. Rs. 100 per student per session for 4 planes (fold & fly, cut, fold and fly and cut and assemble, fold and fly) for levels one to three. Level four Rs 100/- per plane for cut and assemble card planes. Level five Rs. 200/300 per plane for cut and assemble precision card planes. AeroDynamiX includes levels six to ten which involve computer designed and manufactured laser cut airfoils of micron precision and the rate is Rs. 500 per plane. Registration for all ten sessions is Rs. 1,000/- or for the introductory five workshops is Rs. 500/-

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