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Believe it or not, there is a little known brand named Zero that makes excellent quality vests for boys. The vests come in sizes starting at small which fit a 3month old and range from medium and large to extra large that fits kids up to about 2.5 years. My tiny hero has been sporting these vests almost since he was born.

The vests are really cute with images of racing

cars, teddy bears, animated giraffe cement mixers, animals partying and more. Almost all have a ribbing in a darker shade and although you find whites predominantly often there are darker colours too. These ganjis wash well, wear forever, almost, and cost next to nothing. They are comfortable cotton, soft to touch and stretchy. You almost wish they were made in sizes beyond XL for 2 year olds. Great for at home on hot summer days or for the beach. If you happen to chance on this brand, don’t think, just buy.

Zero vests available at Al Burhan, Bandra Bazar, Bandra.
Price range Rs. 30/- to Rs. 65/-200

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