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Learning to love nature

Two enterprisng mommies started a farm. There they grew some of the most aromatic and delectable herbs this side of the world. They distributed the plants through a small but passionate, group of stores and got a lot of mommies like me hooked to fresh oregano, thyme and marjoram.

All the plants come with their name on a label, care instructions and are settled in sturdy plastic pots. They make amazing gifts for like-minded friends but for this Mother’s Day I have a better idea. I want my pre-schooler to adopt a plant. She is too young to manage a fish or a guinea pig, rather mom is too busy to have more pets. Summers are here and she is just about ready to learn real responsibility and respect for nature. She is planning on her favourite aromatic, a peppermint plant because it has the fragrance of her toothpaste. She has plans to water it every morning and is very excited about plucking mature leaves for her cherry jelly that she sets in heart shaped moulds.

I believe respect for elders, peers, nature and life begins at home. A plant is one of the easiest pets to have and is as giving as any other living thing.

The plants are available for Rs. 200 (as of June 2009) at Tarini, Galleria Market, DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon and the Lobby of Mega Mall and Ambience Mall, Phase I, Gurgaon.

2 Responses to “Kids and Nature: Adopt a Plant”

  1. priya says:

    Is this the same Tarini store that also stocks some gorgeous lifestyle and home decor products?

  2. Parul says:

    Yes it is … very chic and unusual too.