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bookYes, like a horse whisperer but with babies and toddlers a la Tracy Hogg.

I heard about Tracy Hogg through a cousin and it happened to be at the same time that Discovery channel was airing a program featuring Tracy Hogg with families dealing with their baby concerns or problems of eating, sleeping etc. As our bachu was just beyond baby stage we, with much difficulty got our hands on the book Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers from Barnes and Noble.

I believe it’s good to go through interesting literature related to babies and kids but not be dogmatic about it. What works for you is what should be applied irrespective of what the books say.

Tracy Hogg has a few basic assumptions she uses in both books which are a whole family approach – the baby needs to be taught his / her place in the family and should not dictate life around and the other being fostering the baby’s independence from day one. While I do not agree with separate sleeping arrangements for the baby from the start (I’d rather deal with the migration to his own room when he is ready and until then, let the baby feel secure and confident), her books come with a great deal of practical, useful, hands-on handy tips and ideas that you could apply to your life.

She has ideas for implementing routine and structure that babies thrive on such as the SLOW method – Stop, Listen, Observe, What’s up? Her book also deals with eating, activity, sleeping and new mother tips. The toddler specific book provides information on discipline, and also has methods such as HELP – Hold back, Encourage exploration, Limit, Praise.

Often, we turn to books when we have a problem, but Tracy Hoggs books are an easy, interesting read that I would recommend you go through when all is well with the world and you have the time.

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