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Yes, we are talking 2010 and it’s all about natural child birth.

Mid-wives! A thing of the past? Not quite, going by the large number of friends over the last two years who have been talking about their home births, doulas, mid wives and La Leche classes – most right here in Mumbai. (Why did I miss this bus 3 years ago?) Perhaps because this very active not-for-profit NGO, BirthIndia which has chapters in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Pune, Cochin, Hyderabad and Shimla to name a few, started in 2007. It was set up by a handful of women who decided to do something about the drastic rise in rate of C-sections in cities by promoting the benefits of natural childbirth.

The thought of no epidural sounds impossible to me if (big if) we decide to have another baby, but after going through the site and checking out the services on offer – Birth networks, nutrition, diet and exercise workshops, LLL meetings, hypnobirth, water birth, Lamaze… combined with the stories of friends who have firsthand experience with BirthIndia; I would certainly give this a try.

A friend was singing praises for her doula Lina Duncan who was with them through it all. The chapter heads are experts in their fields with a wealth of information on every query related to the birth process. So what are you waiting for? Call or email them. Let’s bring on all our options gals.


Mumbai Sonali Shivlani. A CAPPA certified childbirth educator and the Executive Director of CAPPA India. sshivlani@gmail.com, +91 (0) 9821290090

Yasmin Effath. Accredited leader of La Leche League International.effathyasmin@gmail.com +91(0)9819890069

Red Miller. A Certified Professional Midwife. red@birthindia.org, +91 (0)9920532481

*A Doula will charge approximately Rs.15,000/- for roughly 1 visit per month; counselling with aids like A/Vs, books and literature; attention during the entire birth process and a few days post birth.

Delhi Divya Deswal. A certified Childbirth Educator and Hypnobirth Practitioner, divya_deswal@hotmail.com, www.birthbonds.com, +91(0)9811718141

Bangalore Nora Kropp. A Certified Professional Midwife. bangalorebirth@gmail.com,+91(0)9880781417

Hyderabad Dr. Vijaya Krishnan. A Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and a Doula-in-training with DONA International. hm@healthy-mother.com, www.healthy-mother.com, +919490795950, +914023041482

Chennai Deepa Santhosh. Childbirth education services provider. deepa@preggyjoy.com, +919884417352

Cochin Priyanka Idicula.Lamaze certified childbirth educator /professional labor support services. Director Of Birth Village. www.birthvillage.in

birthvillage@birthvillage.in, +91 (0)9895283189


3 Responses to “Mid-wives and Doulas”

  1. I am going to try to have a baby next year but decided to started research. I did not realized so much to considered from type of birth to the minute matters of diapers. I want to have natural birth but undecided if I want epidural and hire a doula. I will bookmark this for future references. Thanks for the post!

  2. Nisha says:

    Hi Leslie,

    You can start out trying for a natural birth and always opt for an epidural at any point. I had a doula for my birth and was very happy about that and felt she really made a difference.

  3. paul golden says:

    I am a UK & NZ midwife travelling the world for last few decades including lovely amazing India many years ago. I am glad to see this page about doulas and midwives and that there is passion to give women choice. The West is getting too complex and afraid of taking self-responsibility so easily led down the path of intervention and convenience (often for the Dr e.g. Induction and Cesarean) instead of listening to innate wisdom. India is a place of greater awareness that there is powerful intuition and love that can be enough for most pregnancies and births.

    So Good Luck to Indian doulas & MW’s – just ask your colleagues around the world when you need anything we can give as in return we shall learn and unlearn from you about your ways of birthing.