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The Foxy Find-Outers

Everybody loves a good mystery, but there?s a deplorable lack of fun, adventurous detective stories coming out of India, especially for kids. This pacy book follows the adventures of the Foxy Four, a group of 16 year-old convent school hostelites who are whizzes at solving seemingly impossible mysteries. Shades of Nancy Drew? Hardly. These four are fully Indian, stereotypical characters ? the math and computer genius Padma, the tomboyish and sporty Jahan, the celeb and boy-obsessed Mandy and the bookish, dumpy and quiet observer, Charu (national integration cleverly worked in, too). The four detectives chase suspects through the?galis of Benaras, watch a Bollywood shoot and eavesdrop on the villain, get into some nasty scrapes with a minor politician, and piece together clues, all the while swotting for an inter-school quiz. They come up tops in the end, of course, recovering a stolen idol from some sleazy smugglers, and getting kudos from all the adults around. Although the teens are stereotypes, the adult characters are very interesting ? a mad-hatter of an aunt, a nun with a wicked sense of humour, and a peon with astrological leanings. A good read.

I wonder, though, will today?s teenage girls, fed on a diet of Twilight, reality shows and 90210 find this book a little ?uncool?? The only one of the Foxy Four who seems a realistic depiction of the urban teens I see around me is Mandy who is crazy about films and pop stars and boys. The rest are almost disdainful of these things?so perhaps the book will appeal to a younger age group, the tweens, 10-12 year olds? Write in and tell us what you think!

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