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I accidentally tumbled upon your blog and must say it is fantastic. Especially for someone like me who has recently moved to Mumbai and keeps traveling too.

I am in absolute desperation to get hold of the nos of some recommended maid agencies – require a well trained nanny for my 3.5 yr son. Also if anyone has any information about a music/contemporary dance class for kids

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in south mumbai.

Thank you and really hoping that someone will be able to bail me out of this situation.


Dear Tasneem,

Welcome to Mumbai. To help you along the way; first things first. Maids and nannies are the bane of every mummy in Mumbai (sorry but there is no gentle way of putting it). However, there are many professional agencies that offer a range of housekeeping assistance. I have not personally used an agency and unfortunately haven’t heard anyone sing praises about any agency consistently.

In fact in Mumbai I’ve been told maid hunts are a tedious process with maids effectively ‘checking you out and inspecting your home on first visit to suss out how much they think they can charge and get away with’, as my friend put it.

Here are a few options you could try:
Om Sai Manpower Consultant: 26736408/9321352758.

D.S. Infinity Recruitment Services: 61777100

Dr. Manju Maid Services: 28657068/65045806/

And now for the fun stuff:
There are several professional dance classes and I have listed some of the more popular ones. Ideally chat with a few mummies in the vicinity and you are sure to get a range of comments to help you decide on which one to go with.

All of them also have classes for adults that are really fantastic and work well as a fun workout. So once you get the nanny in place, head on over with your partner and dancing shoes.

Dance-kids: Mirabelle da Cruz’s studio teaches salsa, merengue, hip hop and world dances, including those from Ireland and Africa. 98219-18442.

Shiamak Davar: Needs no introduction so go straight to the site.

Terrence Lewis Academy:
Maria: 022-2604 0144. / 2623-8651/3251-4108.

Expressions Modern Dance Company: 24366 771 / 6 / 7 /

The School Of Classical Ballet and Western Dance: Tushna Dallas and Khushcheher, Registered Teachers of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), London teach primarily Western Classical Ballet through the syllabus of the

Royal Academy of Dance (London) and also include Character and Free Movement. Other dances taught are Modern, Jazz and Latin American Dance. 022 23676534 / 022 23612275

Hope this gives you a good starting point, Tasneem.

12 Responses to “Ask the Mums: New in Mumbai needs Maids and Dance Classes”

  1. Rina says:

    DONT GO FOR MANJU MAID SERVICES !!!! Here is my experience ::

    This is in regard to Dr Manju Maid services. I got there link from google and went for their services since they looked credible. I contacted their Kandivali office in April 2010 and paid an advance of 2000 Rs for availaing there maid service. I spoke to a lady and told her that I need someone to do all jobs and salary is not a constraint. She said we will give you a maid madam, no problem. I asked and reconfirmed that will she be able to find me a all-in;one maid for housework/ kid work/ help in kicthen etc and she said yes. Its been about 3-3-1/2 months now and I am still waiting. Inspite of me refusingolder help , they sent me one very old lady one evening since they said I am calling again and again so @least I should try her out. That lady left early next morning saying she is old and cant do any hectic work. Anyways, when I kept calling the first month itself, they said, they cant arrange a maid to do all jobs , they can do just one job. I compromised even there and said problem ..send someone since I have a morning cook and a lady for cleaning and mopping. THEY STILL HAVENT SENT NO ONE. They ask for a month to arrange help. I gave them thrice the amount of time and still no one at my door step!!!!! Today I called again and some Shruti answered the call and said the same thing , madam no one can do all the jobs when I had clarified this in the first month itself!!!! Again, same false promises of maids and I know nothing will happen in months to come.
    They dont refund the money nor do they honor commitment, plus the harrasment they make us go through!!!!
    SO I decided to put in a complaint.

  2. carol says:

    D. S INFINITY RECRUITMENT SERVICES are big frauds. had a terrrible experience with them . they are just out to steal your money and provide no service whatsoever.

  3. Tasneem says:

    hello Priya,

    In reference to my email to you early in June about contact for maid services in Mumbai. I too would like to share with all the other mom’s that MANJU MAID services is simply pathetic. They are out to fleece you, once they pocket their Rs4000 of registration, their commitment to find you a maid ends there.

    I saw another reader also complain about them. I would like to explore the option of making more mothers in mumbai aware about their callous service & perhaps put them on a sort of a black list in your site. The other guys are useless too. These services are simply quick money making rackets, making scapegoats out of specially people who move in new.

    Thank you,

  4. Dilpreet says:

    Hi, I am looking for a full time maid for my two year old son in New Delhi. I was wondering if anyone has any contacts of a reliable maid agency in Delhi or can provide any leads, ideas….. Your help will be truly appreciated.
    Thank you

  5. priyar says:

    I had registered with Manju Maid services to provide me with a fulltime maid, by paying Rs. 4000. I found out about this agency through the internet. The terms of contract were that they will provide me a maid and also replacement maids for 1 year. However, though I was willing to pay more than the salary they had mentioned, it took me more than 1 month to provide me with a maid. I had to ask her to leave due to continuous demands for more money. I then requested the agency for a replacement maid. Its been over 3 months now, but they have not send even a single replacement maid for interviewing. I even met the owner Mrs. Manju Agarwal at their Dadar office, who very politely assured me that a maid would be provided within 2-3 days, but turns out this was just an empty assurance to get me off their premises. Refund of my money is out of question, since they have a ‘policy’ against it.

    Pls dont use the services of this agency, they are just taking registration money from people and not providing any service.

  6. Misti says:

    Is there any dependable agency in Mumbai…the internet seems to be full of agencies but the reviews of most of them are pathetic… In need of an agency to give a full time maid…
    Someone out there must have had a good experience, plz share the name of the agency for the lesser mortals like me….

    • Arky says:

      Hi Misti…. Its Jan 25th today.. any luck on ‘dependable’ maid recruitment agencies…. I am desperately looking out for one too… and am going thru’ the same dilemma as yours… reviews for almost all agencies are that they are ‘FRAUDS’.. Pls share your experience so far. Thanks in advance.

  7. Maggie says:

    Manju maid service may be all that.. but they are still better than the rest. I registered last july with them … but a maid has yet to come to work.. Lots of them came for interviews..finally this june-july this of course after various reminders yelling and screaming ont he phone… but somehow after they agree to come .. finally dont come citing illness in the family or to themselves…nevertheless…they are still better..
    I had got a maid a few years back from another agency… who turned out to be a drunk.. would leave the house sayign she has to go out for a few hours and then not turn up till late and when she did come she would be drunk and .. well she finally left after tkaing a 3000 advance and was never seen… nws the loss… am glad she went.. then one maid came who had tb.. and refused to accept it when her xrays showed signs of tb..
    i tell you maids are the bane of our existence…

  8. Yaminie says:

    I came across another service. I havent used them, yet.

    SK maid service

  9. Bharti says:

    Hi all!

    I found happy home care agency very professional
    I have had very bad experiences with several maid agencies in the past, lost a great deal of money.
    now using happy home care, i had requested for a child care maid and the maid is just excellent. if you want to contact them call 9930301886 his name is Straford, they also have a website

  10. Priya says:

    Definately donot use Kumar Agency. They take registration money and no response from thereon.