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If you, post baby want to be out and about and would rather not depend on ayah, husband, mother, friend to move around town, then you have to get yourself a good car seat. Even if you have a chauffeur, a good car seat is essential.

We knew our baby would have to get used to travelling, often long distance and so shopped around for one before he arrived. Who do we turn to when we want ?reliable?? Mothercare of course and that?s where we found the Lucio Thunder, a combination seat.

Combination means that until the baby can sit unaided the seat needs to be placed

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rear facing and then it can be used forward facing (9mths to 4 years / 18kgs). The seat is secured by the adult seat belt and has adjustable one point straps, 2 options on shoulder pads, recliner knob and side impact wings that can also be moved to either make it roomy or snug. Once you get the hang of attaching the seat, it?s a breeze even to switch it from car to car. This is not a carry seat however ? it is only for the car. No need to fret when there?s an occasional spill or splash, covers are removable and wash at home variety. Our baby has been using this seat since the time he was 2.5 months and has travelled safely and happily in it to Goa, Pune, Rajasthan and even into the Himalayas. He still uses his seat at 3.3 years especially on long journeys and it is his most comfortable sleeping spot.

Now if only the ?big school? yellow bus could have seat belts, I would be a happy mummy.

Mothercare Lucio Thunder available at most large outlets for approximately Rs. 12,000/- .

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  1. Jayadeep says:

    We bought one for our daughter and been using it since day one. It has been the most effective investment that we have made for her thus far! She is very well behaved in the car as well.