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PediaSure – Nutritional Drink

There is so much information out there regarding nutrition, preventitive medicine and health; plus more coming out each day. Keeping abreast of all this and making sure that your child is getting the maximum benefit (especially in the growing years)from all this expensive research can be a full time job. There is cialis allowed in dubai are all the vitamins, minerals, protein and energy requirements that need to be basically fulfilled for a child to be healthy. In the same breath, there are articles decrying childhood obesity and increasing diabetes etc that get you worried about overfeeding your child.

Balance, balance and more balance. That is my mantra and works for everything (as long as I practice it!). So what is enough and how much is too much?…. I found a chart that gives us the garlic or viagra calcium requirement according to age. Calcium being one of the most important minerals necessary for us.


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this seems like a tall feat for me to achieve with my taking viagra for fun son, I need to disguise, bait, offer bribes( yeah I know..) to get him to finish his one glass of milk in the viagra pill color morning. The disguise part has taken a lot of effort right from food colourings to every available milk supplement of the shelves.

Pediasure which comes in two flavours, chocolate and vanilla, seems to have hit some taste spot with him. I must admit though

the Vanilla tastes likes melted vanilla ice cream….. I would drink it. The Pediasure supplement apart from making it tasty contains a good dose of vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

The instructions are to add 5 scoops to a glass of water but what I do is, add it to milk, and I use 1 scoop for 1 glass of milk and that works good.

Don’t panic if getting that much milk down your kids throat is as difficult for cost of viagra at walmart you as it is for me… we just need to remember that there are other calcium rich foods that we use everyday like chickpeas, broccoli, okra, greens, beans, peas, sesame seeds, almonds etc and lets not forget yogurt which forms an important part of our diet.

Pediasure costs Rs.396 for 400gms and is available in most supermarkets and grocery stores.

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