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I hear thunder?

By now you have probably got your ?back to school? act together – - covered the books, labeled items and bought the rainwear. Our tot?s school rainwear standard gear was ?black crocs or sandals?. Black crocs were too boring for regular use and the nicer models are too expensive for a boy who outgrows his footwear every other month. I finally found comfortable, great looking sandals at a reasonable price from a local store in the area.

What about rainwear for the mama? We are usually the ones running around in the slushy monsoon and deserve to be pampered with good rainwear. Sadly there?s not much to choose from. Sure you have the Hill Road glitzy variety with bling, glimmer, sequins and pompoms on sandals, flip flops and heels but if you want a pair for sheer comfort and are heading to Europe try and get hold of a pair of Keens. I love the kind that are covered at the toe and have even been trekking in mine. Tevas are also a good brand to look at and are available at select stores across the country.

Or try Tres Mode?s gumboots for ladies. These are not your grannies gumboots! They come in either blue or pink with stars, seem comfy, have a clear PU sole, nylon fabric and are Italian. Stores like Besos and Al?s also have options on prints. So if you want to make a statement this year, go for the gumboots with oomph!

Keens and Tevas Rs. 3,000/- to 5,000/-; Tres Mode boots Rs.1,990/-, Besos boots Rs. 1,200/- to Rs. 1,500/-, H2O boots Rs. 1,250/-, Al?s boots Rs. 750/- to Rs. 2,000/-, Hill Road range starts at Rs.150/-

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