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Grandmom-to-be from Bangalore writes:

I was looking at buying a tummy belt for post maternity bulges which are not harsh on the wearer, yet effective.This is for my daughter who is due to deliver a baby in the first week of July in London. She is also very particular about what she wears, so it has to be something soft yet firm.I do not even know whether there is anything to fit this description! She does not want to wear any back supporting belts, which she finds uncomfortable. Any ideas will be very welcome.
Thank you.
Nalini Prabhu

Hi Nalini

Tummy Belts or Belly Bands as they are now called, come in soft stretchy fabrics and are quite comfy.
You can check out Studio Mom who we reviewed sometime ago ( They carry belly bands.
We had also done a post on belly bands that you can read here (
A couple of other stores that may carry Belly Bands is Mothercare in Indiranagar or Mom &

Me in JP Nagar. Give them a call and see if they carry them.
Hope this helps and best wishes to your daughter! Let us know if you have any more queries.

The MummyKnowsBest Team


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  1. radhika says:

    Hey Nalini,you should try and get your daughter the anti electromagnetic belt.It protects the baby from any sort of rays from gadgets.I got mine from morph maternity,don’t know about the other stores that might be selling the same.But this belt is really helpful and doctors these days recommend them.