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Once in a long while you unearth a gem of an idea and this one is precious. Nibha Sikander is a Mumbai based artist who has studied painting at the M.S. University, Baroda and has recently exhibited her works at the Strand Art Room gallery. She is warm, fun loving and brimming with ideas to brighten up a kid?s room.

We had Nibha over for the last few days interacting with us and our son to come up with a theme for a wall in the little boy?s room. We?ve now got large images of his favourite characters living it up under a gnarled tree bearing purple flowers. What an experience! Now each time we admire the wall, our baby comes up with a new story about what?s going on and what the characters are up to. We?re going to introduce a rectangular piece of Asian Paints ?blackboard? paint into the image for our little Picasso to experiment with just as soon as he can write.

Nibha enjoys doing underwater themes and can also create themes based on fairies and princesses, cars,outer space and jungles. If you have an idea, all you have to do is chat with her about it and she will provide you options to choose from. She is currently working

with a client on a project that requires her to paint stylized bottles behind his bar. It doesn?t have to be about the kids all the time, right? So if you want a splash of colour and oodles of pizzazz created by an artist on any of the walls in your home just call Nibha.

Nibha Sikander, 9967534207. Time required: Approximately a week at site for a wall of 6.5?x7?. The rate varies based on the size and type of imagery to be created.

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  1. n.contractor says:


    I would like one wall of drawing cum dining room painted wi
    th a wall art/mural. Can u please give me an idea of the
    cost ? The size of the wall is approx 8feetx4feet. Wall is
    facing the main entrance door.

  2. admin says:

    Can you contact Nibha directly? Her phone number is given in the post above. If you’re unable to contact her, let us know.