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I came across your site while sifting though a magazine when I was waiting at my paedetrician, I?m new in Banaglore and?this site has?been a great help.

I have been looking out for something unusual which I?m getting in international websites. It will be great if you can help me out with wahable nappies/diapers(not the usual langots or triangles) they have something called an insert and claims much better than the disposable ones. The west is swearing in by these diapers.

Also are washable training pants available in India?


Hi Sudha

Some good news and some bad news. First the good news – I know exactly what you?re talking about because thats what I used for my babies and swear by them – definitely a better option than disposable. The bad news – I have not come across them in India at all though I?ve been keeping my eye out everywhere!

But don?t despair – couple of options here:

The brand I used has an online store and they do ship internationally (you?ll have to find out the shipping cost) or if you have friends/acquaintances in North America or Europe just ask them to bring some over – its a pretty small package.

So the brand I?d recommend is called FuzziBunz (Fuzzibunz Online Store). Basically its a fitted diaper with a large pocket. Its got a microfleece lining which keeps baby dry (so you don?t have to change after every pee – every 3 hours or so will do). You have to put in a terry insert into the pocket to absorb the wetness (these are also available in the online store). They are super convenient, very adjustable and the babies looked comfy in them and I never had a problem with leakage. They are expensive at $18 for one, but you can use one size for about a year since they are so adjustable and hand them down to siblings as well. In the long run, is cheaper than disposables. You would need about 5-6 if you?re going to do only cloth diapering (I used disposable at night). Size small should fit from about 3 months to about one year or little more and then you?d have to buy the medium.

Training pants – Again, I haven?t found any in India, but though I bought them I didn?t find them that useful. It was easier to switch to regular underwear during toilet training. Thats what I did with my second one and though there were a few accidents he learnt quickly enough!

Hope that helps!

The MummyKnowsBest Team

Do let us know if any of you have come across pocket diapers or prefolds in any store in India.

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  1. Misti says:

    Hi, I was going through some options and stumbled on an Indian distributor for cloth napies. Its
    Wanted to check whether the discussion here is the same as cloth diapers available in smartbaby?


    • Nisha says:

      Hi Misti

      Thanks so much for this link! These are exactly the sort of cloth diapers we were talking about. I have used BumGenius for my kids and found them really good. Although the price seems steep to start of with, they last from the beginning until your kids are ready to get out of diapers. So good value for money. We will do a post on this soon, and give you due credit for the discovery :-) Thanks again!

  2. Misti says:

    Hi Nisha,

    Pleasure all mine!
    However small request, if you can do a detailed post on this, as in how to use it, how many to buy etc etc, that will be helpful. I am a 1st time mummy, hence wud be great to get as much details that I can soak in.


  3. sudha says:

    hi MKB
    we missed you so much!!i must say a big thanks to you when almost i recieved an econobum trial pack some 2 yrs back at that time my elder one ws fully toliet trained and i kept it fr my next one and i delivered my younger one this may and after 25days of birth i put her on CD and i got to use the econobum!!i must say its wonderful and i bought one more after 2mnths!!presently as she has started to move im having issues of bunching up so i may not use OS prefolds furthur instead they will become my doublers!!i must say their covers are superb they dry in half an hrs time even in rainy season,bt im using another form of CD they are cotton flats the old fashoned one ,pockets were cutting into my budget too much and as this is my last baby there will be no use after her,but i must say there are quite a no of other brands that have come up have a very good colection and resonable priced and one of the biggest advantage is they have the hybrid variety with the insert which can be attached .their inserts have a big advantage of both being the same size so they will not shift when inside,some more have come up like the unlisted plus variety which are priced 600 or so bt im yet to coment as i have not used it and i really have no intention to use untill i get any free samples as what is the type of material etc used is nt mentioned on the packs and the website also doesnt know what is it like!!!one small request the others who got the BG and flip why dont you urge them to give a feedback too!!!