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I want to throw a birthday party for my daughter who turns 1 in Oct. I would like to bake her bday cake and i was looking for decorating ideas for a rectangular cake. Also, are there are any good event organisers in Bangalore? Basically, i need someone who can provide entertainment as well as help in decoration. The avg age of the children at the party will be 3 yrs.

I need to throw a bday party for my one year old. Wanted to know if you could send me info on venues in Blore which I could look at for the same. Any other ideas are also welcome.

Hi Tanya and Aarti,

Since your queries are pretty much about the same thing, we’ll answer both of them here.

There are a couple of really good, creative party organisers that we can recommend. While we haven’t used them ourselves, we’ve attended parties organised by them and they were a blast – for both the kids and the parents. Rajan from Ken’s Creations does the entire thing from sending out personalised invitations, decorating based on themes and age appropriate games and entertainment. Their speciality is the take home gifts which are completely customised and one-offs – you won’t find them in any stores – they’re more like keepsakes for the birthday boy/girl and all the kids who attended. The only thing they don’t do is the catering. Call Rajan at 97398 08641. Shilpa and Devina from Hopscotch handle the whole thing too, they will work with whatever your budget is and create a memorable event for you and your child – right from the invitations to the take home gifts. While they don’t cater as well, they can recommend caterers they have worked with before. Call Shilpa at 98806 33544.

Venues – We attended a first birthday at Peekaboo (off Church Street) recently and it was great. Safe, fun, colourful…with a little party room at the back for cutting the cake and little baby furniture for the kids to sit on and eat cake and chips. The food needs to be ordered from outside though. Gambolla (off Infantry Road) is a nice place for a birthday party as well. While we haven’t attended a party there, the kids had a ball when we visited and they have birthday packages as well where they do include food I think.

Tanya, I’m not sure how much of an “expert” you are with icing cakes – but here are some easier options – since I’m always challenged with the icing part! You could use cookie cutters (heart shape, stars etc.) to trace out a few hearts or stars on a rectangular cake

and fill in the shapes with different types of candy. One heart could be gems, another gummy bears, a third peppermint drops….use candy, its sure to look attractive and tempting. You could do a flower garden by sprinkling green coloured coconut as grass, line the edges with mini chocolate bars as fences and stick in lollipops of different colours as flowers. Or a beach, with half the cake covered in blue icing, the other half sprinled with cookie crumbs or brown sugar as sand. You can make little paper boats for the sea and get cocktail umbrellas for the sand. Bulls-eye as beach balls, shell shaped chocolates here and there, plastic crabs and lobsters (if you’re not particular about all the decorations being edible). You can really have fun – just pick a theme and use candy, wafers and cookies creatively.

For a more natural and healthy cake, you could heap the cake with strawberries, red grapes, peaches and cherries with crushed almonds as a base. Nowadays a lot

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Chariot does this – you could see if they’d do just the image on the cake you bake.

Let us know if you have any more questions and a very happy first birthday to both your girls!

3 Responses to “Ask the Mums: Birthday party options”

  1. Pepper says:

    Great suggestions! Loved the idea of cake too!

  2. hi we can decorate the cake with I’m 1 chocolates all around. we can use these lollipops as give aways as well

  3. Rachna says:

    Hi Nadia

    There is a resort in Hebbal (Bangalore) called Chairman’s Resort, where i have organised my son’s Birthday Party.They have beautiful outdoor and Indoor options for parties with very nominal cost.
    So, you may try that as well.

    Thanks Rachna