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Life is indeed Jingalala

We bought our Tata Sky Plus when the company was tomtomming their new lowest rates never to be seen again etc. etc. Once the cablewala was dispatched and we figured our new toy we discovered the marvel of Cbeebies for the little boy and now am writing about this product because I’ve discovered what a boon a record of television programming facility can be for parents with TV hungry tots.

Most of the shows our baby likes are on while he’s away at school so all we do is check the schedules early morning, click record on Dora, Shaun the Sheep, Bob the Builder, Oswald or Barbie and get on with the day. When it’s the tots TV time we make him identify the names of the programs recorded as it appears as a list and he chooses what he wants to view.

Now for the even better part – advertisements can be fast forwarded! No more do we need to hear, ‘Ma I’d like to have that soupbhi, noodlebhi thing’. I’m happier hearing, ‘Baba, please chase the ads’.

Log onto www.tatasky.com for all the details and offers or watch out for Aamir Khan on the idiot box.

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