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eva flooring2We’ve all come across the regular alphabet puzzle foam sheets for kids. I always thought, that was the only alternative to rugs for kids’ rooms, but I found a happier and safer alternative at a toy store in Lajpat Nagar. They are large square foam sheets with cartoon characters printed on them: Tom & Jerry, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse series. These are available in packs of four for each character series.

What works best for me, since my son is only 18months, is that there are no small pieces. They are just four big interlocking squares. So there’s no fear of him munching on the smaller foam pieces. Another advantage about these sheets is that they are good for all weather conditions. Despite Delhi’s extremes, the foam sheets always remain at room temperature. You can wipe them clean whenever required and wash them with soapy water every once in a while. The thickness is just enough to break a child’s fall and save him from at least some of those unavoidable head bumps.

The mats are easy to set-up and clear away,  so if you prefer to keep the floors clear, you can always just use them for special occasions to adobe acrobat xi pro add instant cheer to a room.

Available at most toy stores, a set of four ranges from Rs 500 – Rs 799, depending on where you are shopping at. Each mat is a 2ft X 2ft square.

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