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my daughter trying to be a tablamaster!

At Little Ustaads they say kids are never too young to appreciate music. I wasn’t convinced till I actually took my daughter there.And it is fantastic! My three year old loved it instantly and now can’t wait for her weekly music class!

Little Ustaads is a music appreciation class for little ones where they sing songs based on Indian classical raagas and get to play with musical instruments from manjiras to drums.
Each module consists of 8 sessions where they are exposed to the basics of sargam, ragas and taals, and different musical instruments.

The teachers are great. They encourage the kids to sing without inhibitions, with the help of some really unique aids. The atmosphere is very animated and the kids are completely engrossed through the 45 minutes.

I love the actual touch and feel element. My daughter’s favourite part is when the music boxes are opened and out come the instruments – drums, banjo, shakers, tabla, flute, xylophone…You have to see the children grabbing their favourite instruments and jamming together, creating a cacophony that only mums can bear!!
I whole-heartedly recommend Little Ustaads to mums who seek music related activities. I must admit that while I go there for my daughter, I enjoy beating a tabla as well!

Little Ustaad classes are being held at TAC Worli and other centres across Mumbai like Malabar Hill, Bandra and Colaba. Please visit or for more details.

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