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If you were a great Uno player and are the parent of a preschooler, dust off that old pack now. I thought our 3.5 year old was a little young for this card game but how wrong I was! It is the most fantastic tool for learning numbers and comprehension in terms of rules of the game. So although little boy cannot read, he knows the ‘reverse’, ‘skip’, ‘draw 2’ and ‘draw 4’ cards and absolutely knows what they are meant for.

For now, his hand is visible to all the players as the ‘fan’ just cannot stay within the tiny palm but he never misses a beat with ‘uno’ being declared promptly on cue. Now we just have to deal with the, ‘but I wanted to win’ wails; so all the books on the importance of playing well are making an appearance.

Another card game that is great for the chintus

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is what my husband calls Chattapatti, a game of luck. You can use a regular pack of cards though the kiddy Disney ones are definitely more tot enticing. Here’s how: Divide the pack equally among the players. Cards are kept face down and the first player places the top most card in the center revealing its identity. If the card is a regular number card, the next player plays a single card. However, if the card is a face card, then the next player puts down Jack=1 card, Queen=2, King=3, Ace=4, Joker=5. The hand then goes to the person who placed the face card last. The aim of the game is to win the pack or the largest number of cards.

Diwali card sessions can now take on a new meaning!

Uno is available at all toy stores for Rs. 99/-

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