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Our tot was recently presented a pack of Play-Doh and I was not so excited about it until we actually opened it up and got our hands dirty. (I?ve probably kept away from clay and other mucky crafty tools precisely because I don?t like getting the stuff under my nails). Funskool?s Play-Faces are just fantastic. Firstly the dough is non toxic, then, the colours are vibrant, the texture is smooth, not messy and oh so pliable and easy to use.

Managing to keep the colours separate and not one big mixed lump seems to be the only challenge with a 3 year old who has spent hours with the face. Our box has a clown face that requires to be assembled and has eyes and a mouth that can open and shut.

The finish of every piece right down to the knife and the little moulds for the nose and moustache are impeccable. The highlight has got to be the hair maker / extruder which resembles a limboo squeezer. It?s great fun to squash a lump of dough into strands. Yup, have been playing with the clown too. It also makes

a super gift.

Funskool, Play-Doh, Play Face (#9781000), Rs.325/- available at any toy store. Check the website for

the entire Play-Doh range.

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