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Here’s a very simple, no hassle, idea for a crafty christmas party.?Cut out a largish Christmas tree shape from a green chart paper. Put it up on a wall in your party room. As the kids come along give them each a piece of colored paper, a pair of scissors, a pencil and maybe some glitter glue. Scissors which cut in different styles [zigzag, wavy, etc] will work very well for this.

Ask each kid to draw a Christmas tree ornament on the colored piece of paper and then cut and decorate it with the glitter glue. Let the kids write their names on their ornament. Once all the kids are done you can all stick the ornaments on the large christmas tree with double sided tape!
Now gather all the kids and click a group picture for your memory album! Say Ho Ho Ho!! You can make this an annual tradition. Bring out your crafty tree every year and keep adding new decorations.
Another idea for decorating your Christmas tree with handmade stuff is to make colored macaroni strings. Pour your choice of fabric paint color in a wide bowl. Take some macaroni shaped pasta and roll it in the paint till all the pieces are covered well. String them and hang them to dry. Remember to put a newspaper under it for paint that might drip.

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You can knot a Christmas ornament in the end to stop the macaroni from falling off the string. Or, you could cut out a star shape from gold or silver card paper, punch a hole and tie it in the end.
Now your macaroni strings are ready to glam up your Christmas tree!

All materials for this project will be

available at any stationery store. Macaroni will be available at a grocery store.

3 Responses to “Crafty Idea for a Christmas Party”

  1. Dipika says:

    Brilliant idea of macaroni strings! :)

  2. Priyanka says:

    dipika: hope you enjoy making it as much as me & my son did!

  3. ben10andbarbie says:

    oooh…i wish i’d read this post one day sooner…we were done with our kiddie xmas party last evening.. but, no’s a wonderful idea and m sure we’ll modify it and use it for my little one’s bday party coming up next month. any ideas what i can use other than a xmas tree to decorate?