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At Crosswords if you see what looks like a large book on the racks of the toy section, be sure to pick it up and peer closer. Candy Cane Club has created unique board games for kids aged 4+. Vidhi Mehra mother of two under 10 year olds, is an entrepreneur who decided to use her knowledge of what children require at different ages to come up with a set of edutainment board games that are fun and colourful.
We have been playing ‘The Memory Chain’ with our 3.5 year old and love it. The aim of the game is to memorize the longest line of pictures using connections that can be silly and nonsensical as long as they help remember the sequence. The other players can also try and use distracting techniques like fun boooing. The cards are produced well and don’t fray at the edges even after repeated use and the package is small and neat – good for travel too.

Candy Cane Club games are great for parents who appreciate interactive play with their children as these games require adult supervision. I have also picked up a super math game ‘Math It Up’ for our 10 year old niece and it can even be played by those who are just learning concepts. For the shopper-holics, check out ‘The Shopping Village’, which

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comes in a separate design for boys and girls that takes them on a shopping spree around a mall while teaching them the value of money. Another exciting game for those who want to teach their kids about life in the real big bad world is ‘Snatch It’. CCC games are good gifts too.

Vidhi organises regular board game sessions at stores across the country. Am waiting for the launch of her range at Odyssey.

Candy Cane Club Board Games are priced at Rs. 399/- and can be found at Crosswords, Book Cafe and Granth. Check the website for details:

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